Madden Universe

Win More Games in Madden 23 and Destroy the META!

Madden Universe

Win More Games in Madden 23 and Destroy the META



Madden 23 Defensive Destruction

Destroy Madden 23 Offenses by sending pressure from everywhere boxing the run with this Defense from Madden Universe !

Madden 23 Offensive Explosion

Destroy Madden 23 META Defenses with this Explosive Offensive Playbook from Madden Universe!



Relli has been playing Madden for over 25 years, and played competitively, traveling the United States for years before Joining the Military. In 2011, Relli Launched Madden Universe and has continued to play top players for money every year, and has won several online tournaments, with several top 4 and top 8 finishes in live competition.



“For that past couple of years I’ve had many people help me to increase my Madden game.  With that being said, I believe that MU offers the best bang for the buck. I went from a low level 3 to a level 9 (900 skill pt) player largely using Relli’s schemes. His offensive stuff is the real deal and his defensive schemes are downright NASTY!!!. I could have went higher than 900 skill pts if I heeded his advice to play less ranked games and to lab more”


R.I.P. Stormbringer. You are missed dearly!

My game has improved dramatically since becoming a member of Madden Universe!  Relli is the most detailed, meticulous guy doing this right now! He is a defensive genius when it comes to Madden, and offensively he is no different!  I saw a stream where a Pro was playing Relli in an online $$ game and let me say, it was something to watch.  Relli seemed to just sit back during the 1st few drives that he was on defense, and once he figured out what he was facing, Relli just put down the hammer!! “