In this Madden 21 Tip, we take a look at an easy to setup 4 Man Blitz Setup from Nickel 335 and go over some of the coverage shells to run this from!

This blitz is best run to the opposite side of the running back.

In this formation you can sub in a safety at any of the three linebacker positions, or all 3 if you choose to do so! This is mostly a coverage defense that you will run as a shed defense with your best edge threats at defensive end and the line crashed out. Even when not blitzing you will want to give the same look that we show when blitzing so that their is no tell as to what you are doing!

Nickel 335 4 or 5 Man Blitz (See Suggested Plays)

  1. Press
  2. Pinch Linebackers
  3. Globally Blitz all LBs and Nickelback
  4. Coverage LB opposite of the Nickelback
  5. Crash Line Down
  6. Stand With Blitzing MLB over G opposite of blitzing NB
  7. Spy opposite DE *Optional


    Tampa 2 vs Bunch

    1. Press
    2. Pinch Linebackers
    3. Cross man or Change Coverage on OLBs
    4. Blitz CB on Bunch Side
    5. User MLB in a Blitz Angle over G as Shown


      Suggested Plays

      1. Tampa 2
      2. Cover 4 Drop
      3. Cover 3 Cloud
      4. Cover 3 Sky
      5. Nickel LB Blitz
      6. Cover 3 Sky



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