In this Madden 21 Tip, we take a look at an easy to setup D-Line Gap Blitz out of the 46 Bear Under formation! This is recorded after the patch and screaming!

This blitz is mostly meant for defending compression sets! For the most part you are not going to want to run this against trips or spread, outside of bunch for example, however, if you do, make sure to base align and do not press unless you are able to back the corner to the wide side of the field off. Also, blocking changes when a player is in a trips set and flips the formation. This blitz wont be as successful in that scenario. Madden 21 has a lot of nuances we are not used to seeing!

*This formation can be found in the 46, 49ers, Browns, Falcons, Saints, Seahawks, Steelers, and Washington Playbooks!

*The Play Cover 2 Press is only in the 46, Browns and Saints Playbooks! (Sorry I misspoke in the video and said it was only in 46)


46 Bear Under Gap Heat

  1. Base Align (If Needed)
  2. Pinch D-Line
  3. Call Contain
  4. Spy Either Right of Screen DE or OLB In the Gap on the Right
  5. User Safety in the Box in a Spy over the LT as Shown
  6. Coverage any extra blitzers


    Plays To Use

    1. Cover 3
    2. Cover 2 Press
    3. LB Dogs
    4. LB Dogs 3



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