This week in the Madden 21 Film Room, you have been granted FULL ACCESS to our Madden 21 “335 Bear” formation guide!


What’s going on Film Room members? This week we had issues with the database that limited our uploads for a few days. Because of the time that it took to correct the issue and get it optimized, I decided to release this Defensive mini-guide to film room members as a Thank You for your patience. We will resume our normal schedule in the week coming up. You can access this guide through you’re my account page or by clicking the link below! Thank you for your patience everyone! Enjoy what I feel is the BEST DEFENSE currently in the game.

I have tested this against players who have consistently made the MCS, across all modes and on both All Madden and All Pro! The guys who have seen this have been completely blown away by it! I combined 2 concepts from our Defensive Destruction ebook, along with a front from a formation that no longer exists in madden to create the 335 Bear!

Madden 21 335 Bear D Home Page



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