In this Madden 20 tip, Relli goes over how to stop the most dominant run scheme in Madden 20!

Many people have been running strong tight stretch and dive while flipping the formation in the competitive circuit. Today we show how to completely lock it down from the 46 normal formation! You do not want to run any type of 34 against this or you will get shredded!!! This is usually paired with the I Form Close Runs in the Raiders offensive Playbook.

You can find the 46 Normal in the Bengals, Chargers, Jaguars, and a few other Books. I recommend the Bengals or Jags Book!

Vs Strong Tight

46 Normal Cover 3

  1. Base Align and Press
  2. Spy FS
  3. Spread LBs and Move SS out a few Steps as Shown
  4. User Weakside LB

VS I close

  1. Press
  2. Spread LBs
  3. Spy FS
  4. User Weakside LB



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