In this Madden 21 Tip, we take a look at how to stop the Trips TE RPO Bubble! I have been asked about this one a lot the past few days so we are going to look at how to lock it up!

In this example we will be using the Nickel 335 Odd formation and more specifically the play Cover 3 Show 4. You can use this concept from any cover 3 or Cover 4 in general to stop the bubble.

This is different from the example I used on YouTube for the Bunch Open bubble screen because if you use that exact setup the alignment will cause your hard flat to get blocked and you will give up big yardage!


Cover 3 Sky Show 4

  1. Press
  2. Hard Flat Blitzing NB and Move Inside
  3. Crash Line Down
  4. Blitz LB on TE Side
  5. User Deep Safety as Shown 



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