Dollar has become one of my favorite formations to combine coverage from along with blitzing. It is very easy to lock up inside zone type schemes from and 2 man under is great from this formation. The blitzes are very easy to set up and you get great block-shed when not blitzing!!

2 Man Under (Inside Zone D) *Concept works from Other Plays as Well

  1. Call Press
  2. Move Blitzing LB to Opposite gap of the Running Back
  3. Watch Video For Better Understanding


STR Eagle Slant 3

  1. Base Align, Show Blitz
  2. Hot Blitz ROLB (Left of Screen)
  3. Re Blitz Left Slot DB and Move Closer to Oline
  4. Crash Line Down
  5. User Right of Screen LB as Shown

Max Sting 3

  1. Base Align, Show Blitz
  2. Bluff Blitz Right of Screen Slot DB
  3. Crash DL Down
  4. Spy LDE (Right of Screen)
  5. User MLB in hook as Shown
  6. To get Dual heat (B Gap/Outside, Don’t Bluff Blitz DB or Spy DE)

All Mike Edge Plays

  1. Base Align, Show Blitz
  2. Quick Blitz SS
  3. Crash Line Down
  4. Zone Blitzing MLB
  5. User ROLB (Left of Screen)
  6. Hold LT until Snap as Shown

Coverage Defenses (Watch Video)

  1. 2 Man Under
  2. Cover 6
  3. Cover 4
  4. Cover 2
  5. Max Sting 3
  6. Mike Edge Plays
  7. STR Eagle Slant 3