46 Defense Depth Charts

For those of you who purchased this guide to play in modes other than MUT (meaning using regular teams) I figured I would give you my top 2 teams as of now, and the depth chart set-up I use for this defense!!! My top 2 all around teams are Carolina and New England.. Honorable mentions would be Seattle and Cincy… In general you want some speed at DE and at least a 75 speed for the DT A Gaps that come strait up the middle..

Carolina Panthers

LE: Johnson/Klein/Ealy

RE: Addison/Klein/Ealy

DT: Allen/Short/Ealy

LOLB: Thompson/Klein

MLB: Kuechly/Klein/Mayo

ROLB: Davis/Klein/Mayo

CB: Norman/Benwikere/Finnegan/McClain/Williams

FS: Colmeman/Boston

SS: Tillman/Harper


New England Patriots

LE: Jones/Flowers/Bostic

RE: Sheard/Flowers/Bostic

DT: Easley/Branch/Brown

LOLB: Ninkovich/Fletcher/Bostic

MLB: Collins/Mayo/Bostic/Fletcher

ROLB: Hightower/Fletcher/Bostic

CB: Butler/Ryan/Brown/Johnson

FS: McCourty/Wilson/Harmon

SS: Chung/Harmon/Wilson


  1. You got a depth chart setup for Seahawks?

    • I pretty much just auto reorder there depth chart… I make subs for them based on formation.. For example, in 335 bear i will put avril at DT and put mebane at DE, that’s just so i can get that A gap even faster, but even mebane will come on the DT a gaps…

  2. I just bought this book today, you said you just auto reorder but you have tillman as your SS, and your nickel as your #2 CB, what is your thought process behind that?

    • Tillman makes alot of plays over the middle and I don’t feel he plays that great at corner for me, If i were to keep him at corner I would have him in the slot. Also, I REALLY don’t like Harper at SS at all

  3. Do you think I could pull this off with the jets with the “sons of anarchy ” dline included in my depth chart?

    • It can be done, yes, but let me mess with it some tonight to tell you who to use for the a gap… Harrison is like a 50 speed or something like that, so i doubt he would come, you’d probably have to swap him and wilkerson or richardson when you go into 335 bear, but wouldn’t have to alter depth chart, then with the 4 man line sets, i’d move wilkerson inside with harrison and drop an olb down to DE

  4. Any word on the jets depth chart we discussed sir?

    • I got you, I had the flu last week bro… Im just getting over it, still have a few symptoms but getting much better. I’ll be on the game tonight and I’ll run a couple with them and get back to you


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