M16 Carolina Offense Home Page

Guide Intro

Depth Charts (Top 3 Teams)


Scheme Philosophy

Pass Blocking Concepts

Wildcards (Mix These In/Strategic Game Changers)

Gun Heavy Panther (QB Sneak Alternative)

Pistol Strong

Wildcat Slot Flex

2 WR 2TE 1 HB Scheme

Gun Ace Twins

Gun Ace

Gun Y-Trips TE Slot

3 WR 1 TE 1 HB Scheme

Singleback Tight Slots

Gun Bunch Wk

Gun Normal Offset

Gun Trips TE

Gun Trey Flex

Gun Y Trips Open

Gun Double Stack



  1. I need the best under center defense, which defense do you suggest?

  2. 46 or apocalypse defense??

    • I emailed you back bro..

      • Thanks, but which defense will help me the most for stopping under center plays?

        • I think the issue is your emailing me by text message so your not getting my responses… But it comes down to you. 46, apocalypse, and 34 work fine vs undercenter, the one thing you have to know is 46 has the best pressure BUT requires alot more user ability as it is much more advanced

  3. Which set ups are the fastest out of the three ebooks??

    • Apocalypse and 34


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