Gun Ace Twins is another top formation in the game this year. The play Posts alone can be run against pretty much any coverage type that you will come across in a game. It has great Runs to compliment as well, and if you have a mobile QB the Read option and QB Power can be down-right lethal!!!!

QB Power

  1. Run only If defense Doesn’t Base Align
  2. Look to get outside and Double Juke in if someone is wide

Read Option/Inside Zone

  1. Just Snap the Ball

Both runs can be very effective, with inside zone if the right side is left open immediately cut it back and get outside for a big play!!!



  1. Drag the Right TE
  2. Block HB/Slide Protect

Posts Set-up 2

  1. Whip Left TE
  2. Slant Outside Left WR
  3. Motion Him In and Snap When He Reaches Slot WR

Posts Set-up 3

  1. Drag Left TE
  2. Streak Left Slot
  3. Block HB
  4. Motion Left Slot Across formation
  5. Snap Right as He Sets

Posts 4 (Empty)

  1. Put HB on Wheel
  2. Fade Outside Left WR
  3. Motion HB out to the Right
  4. Snap as He sets

HB Slip Screen

  1. Slide Protect Right
  2. Snap the Ball
  3. *Optional Motion Left Slot Across Formation

PA Read

  1. Drag Left Slot
  2. Curl Outside Left WR
  3. Streak Left TE


PA FL Screen

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Cancel PA
  3. Immediately bullet Pass to Screen Receiver