Gun Ace is a great complimentary formation to Ace Twins and Y Trips TE Slot!!! It has a pretty good run game and some great passes to mix-in as well!!

Run Game


Inside Zone/Quick Base/Counter

  1. Snap The Ball

QB Blast (Short Yardage)

  1. Snap the Ball

Read Option/Inverted Veer

  1. Identify Defender to Read
  2. Snap the Ball


Pass Game


PA TE Corners

  1. Streak Outside Right WR
  2. Slant Outside Left WR
  3. Streak/Out Left TE

PA Read

  1. Slant Right WR
  2. Motion Him Left and Snap Before he Reaches TE As Shown

PA Inverted Veer

  1. Drag Outside Right WR
  2. Fade outside Left WR (Or Leave on Post)