Gun Trips TEĀ has been a staple in Madden for YEARS!!! While it may not be as overpowered as the past few years, it is still very good, especially this version with the help of a mobile QB!!!!

QB Power

  1. Snap the Ball and look to Get outside if possible

Inverted Veer

  1. Identify the Read
  2. Snap the Ball

WR Screen

  1. Slide Protect Left
  2. Snap the Ball
  3. *Optional Motion HB out Wide to the Right


  1. Slant or Drag TE
  2. Block HB

TE Screen/HB Screen

  1. Slide Right
  2. Snap the Ball

Inside Smash

  1. Whip Route Left Slot WR
  2. Fade/Streak Far Left WR
  3. Slant/Drag TE *Optional

PA Boot Shot

  1. Wheel Route HB
  2. Drag/Slant/Flat the TE

Slot Quick Flat (Beats Heavy Cover 0/Cover 3 Blitzes)

  1. Streak Left Slot WR