M16 Carolina Offense Depth Charts

In my personal opinion the top 3 teams in the game right now are as follows:

  1. Carolina
  2. Seattle
  3. New England

Due to that, these are the depth charts I will give you my set-up for at the current time, obviously for MUT players you can build your team however you want, with the biggest part being deciding the type of QB you want to go with. Or even better get both types of QB’s and give yourself the option of switching it up if need be, in-game.


*Always auto-reorder before setting team depth chart, as the O-Line should be left as is.



QB: Newton/Webb/Anderson

HB: Stewart/Whittaker/Tolbert

FB: Tolbert/Dickson

WR: Benjamin/Ginn/Cotchery/Olsen/Brown

TE: Olson/Dickson

O-line: Default Auto-Reorder



QB: Wilson/Jackson

HB: Lynch/Rawls/Michael/Jackson

FB: Coleman/McCoy/Jackson

WR: Baldwin/Kearse/T. Lockett/Graham/R. Lockette

TE: Graham/Wilson/Helfet

O-Line: Default Auto-Reorder


New England

QB: Brady/Garoppolo

HB: Lewis/Blount/Ball

FB: Develin/Jackson (Jackson or Blount on FB Dives)

WR: LaFell/Edelman/Amendola/Gronk/Hankerson

TE: Gronk/Chandler/Cleveland

O-Line: Default Auto-Reorder

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