M16 Carolina Offense Intro

What’s going on Madden Universe!!!! First of all I would like to thank you all for your support in purchasing this guide!! This has been an amazing year, and I want to remind each and every one of you guys that you can contact me at any time if you need help with something specific. There are many ways to get in contact with me, whether it be through comments on guide pages (Best thing for scheme questions as it helps others as well), the support email, or even Twitter.com/maddenuniverse through DM. I just ask that you don’t ask scheme specific questions in public forum.

Now with that being said lets get into what you came here for, the Carolina Offensive eBook!!!! This guide is very information heavy, meaning there is ALOT of content to take in! I recommend working on mastering just a few formations at a time and adding to it as you get comfortable with your reads! DO NOT just try to read set-ups and go into the game, watch the videos!!! I have asked people the format they prefer from our guides, whether it be one play per video, with several vids for each formation, or one video per formation. It’s really 50/50 on the response, so in this guide what I have decided to do was some of both. The formations with the most breakdowns areĀ in the format with several different videos for those formations, and the formations that have a little less will be one video. It was the only way i could think of to try to accommodate all of you at the same time. If you could give me some feedback with your thoughts on this in the comment section below so I know if this is a good compromise for you guys, or if we need to think of another layout going forward, regardless of layout you will still get the same amount of content you always get from Madden Universe!!!



  1. I’m interested in the link thing

    • Ill be sending an email out soon to all members about it. Trying to get it exactly right where it will be a smooth transition. It will be soon though


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