M16 Carolina Scheme Philosophy

All in all, the Carolina Offense is extremely versatile. It is downright deadly with a Mobile QB like Cam Newton, Russell WIlson or Colin Kaepernick, while at the same time, has a multitude of concepts that do not rely on a mobile QB what-so-ever. So whether you are a ranked or money player using the Panthers or Patriots, or a MUT player who can literally run this scheme anyway you like, but picking up 2 different QB’s to run this scheme based on your opponent, this scheme has something for everyone.

I suggest starting the game, regardless of whether you have a mobile QB or not, by determining if your opponent can stop the run. I would start with the Gun runs llike 01 Trap, inside Zone, QB Power, then move down to the I-Sets when testing your opponent. If along the way you find your opponent doesn’t have defense for one of those run schemes, that is where I would operate for the most part of the game (while obviously mixing in other things).

In this book there are several formations that could literally be run ALL GAME LONG. Formations like Trips TE, SB Tight Slots, and Doubles Offset; just to name a few.


UTILIZE SOME OF THE MOTION I SHOW IN THIS GUIDE!!! Motion will keep your opponent off-balance and create match-up issues, as well as looks your opponent is not used to defending, and did not expect to see when you first break the huddle. Think about it, you come out in SB Tight Slots and the next thing your opponent knows you have a bunch set to either side you want, along with the solo receiver still being in tight, combine that with the fact that you are undercenter and MOST opponents don’t have great pressure vs undercenter sets, and you have a recipe to create a major problem.


USE THE QUICK HOT ROUTES!!!!! The most under-utilized hot routes in the game are smoke screens on the outside and hitches in the slot. This makes ZERO sense to me!!! The most popular blitz in the game right now is the Scrape Plays and a Few others that have a Cover 3 Shell, exposing the flat on one side of the field! USE THE SMOKE SCREEN, to make them think about staying in that blitz! It is also great for getting someone out of cover 4, leaving them vulnerable to quick hitting 1 play TD’s such as verticals from Trips formations!!!! As far as slot hitches go, they will beat 2 man under about 80 percent of the time, and don’t forget you can SMART ROUTE THEM!!!!!


DONT JUST HURRY UP AND SNAP!!! Yes the hurry up can be a great weapon to use, and so can quick snapping, but once you begin playing higher level opponents, they are going to allow you to get that quick snap play once or twice, and on that third time audible to a coverage that is going to stop that read you are relying on and probably bait you into to throwing an interception. If you run a hurry-up offense, be sure to STILL ANALYZE THE DEFENSE BEFORE YOU SNAP THE BALL!!!!


INSIDE THE 5 YARD LINE!!! Everyone knows the 3 or 4 plays you want, some combo of QB Sneak, FB Dive, HB Toss and some Play-Action to the flat, the question is can they stop it???? And if they can, can they stop HB Sting from Goaline as that IMO is the best goaline run. But if they show they have FB Dive/Sneak D from the one, Go to Heavy Panther and Run QB Blast/Power, the popular sneak/fb dive defenses DO NOT WORK against this!