SB Tight Slots is one of the Best formations in the game this year, and for the most part has been great in past years as well. This is one of the first formations you should learn when beginning to run this offense!!!!

Run Plays

  1. Dive
  2. HB Cutback

Mix inĀ Motions from HB Wheel Set-Up to throw off your opponent!!!

HB Wheel

  1. Streak the Outside Right WR
  2. Block HB if Necessary


HB Wheel Set-Up 2

  1. DragĀ Outside Right WR
  2. Motion Right Slot Across Formation and Fade Him
  3. Block HB *Optional


Drag Cross Ups

  1. Streak Either OR Both Outside WRs
  2. Block HB

Drag Cross Ups Set-up 2

  1. Place Right Slot on a Flat
  2. Motion Him Across
  3. Streak Middle Bunch WR
  4. Block HB


PA Panther Post Set-Up 2

  1. Drag Left Slot Receiver
  2. Motion Across formation
  3. Snap when He Sets


PA Panther Post

  1. Streak Outside Left WR
  2. Slant/Drag the Left Slot Receiver