Gun Bunch Wk is always one of the Best Formations in the Game to Flood Zones and at the same time beat man coverage. While the version in this playbook is limited in options, it is still useful to have!

*There are some bonus set-ups in the video that are not covered in text!!! Be sure to watch the entire video!!!

Read Option

  1. Identify defender to Read
  2. Snap the Ball

Deep Corner

  1. Drag/Slant Far Left WR
  2. Streak Outside Right WR *Optional
  3. Block HB *Optional

Z Spot

  1. Streak the Far Right WR

DBL Trail

  1. Streak Middle Bunch WR
  2. Curl Far Left WR
  3. *Both Optional Steps

518 Hook

  1. Streak Bunch WR
  2. Place Outside Left WR on a Curl OR Re-Do his Comeback
  3. Place TE on a either Drag, In, or Slant