Gun Heavy Panther is one of the BEST short yardage and goaline formations in this game!!! It is especially useful to someone who has a mobile QB like Cam or Kaep. If you play MUT I suggest picking up Cam (Any version will work) I think the base 84 version of Cam Newton is like 15k in MUT. I would only drop the coins on the Signature Series or Thanksgiving version of Cam if you are planning on running him as your full time QB, as the qualities for this formation are basically the same on all 3 cards!!!

You can use motion from both of the QB run plays from any of the TE’s to help with blocking up the middle to get that extra push!!! The reason I like this formation so much in short yardage is that the basic FB Dive/QB Sneak Defenses don’t really work against it, and you get more momentum towards the line then the QB Sneak!!!