M16 Wildcat Slot Flex

This is just something to throw your opponent off with and can result in a huge play for you if you time it right. It is good vs players who stay in base formations, it has issues with Spread Out defenses like Dollar, 146, etc..


  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Run Towards the Outside
  3. Pitch the Ball if Motion HB is Free Outside


  1. Snap the Ball (This is just a play to run once or twice at most)



  1. I’m a Wildcat connoisseur, of sorts… Some important tips for the power play: 1) change your “sets” to have your QB behind center, otherwise your QB is out wide blocking at the point of attack (not optimal) …. 2) helps to have your best blocking TE to seal at TE1…. 3) after the fake mesh with the motion back, run sorta diagonal (say, 2 o’clock) before the pitch… this draws the defenders in toward you before you pitch. …. IMHO, this WC power is best run from the cat version found in the Indy or Run N’ Gun playbooks (exact name escapes me).

  2. another reason to have your mobile QB behind center is for pitch accuracy…. I often find random HBs botch the pitch A LOT, and that’s a free fumble for your opponent… also, if it gets muddy back there off the edge, resist the urge to pitch and just take the loss… cat is best when you have a pass play you can mix in off the power, which is one of the reasons I prefer the Colts WC formation, which has a nice corner route for your TE2. … Cat is juicy, because if your opponent doesn’t set the edge on the power, he’s in big, big trouble.


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