Gun Y-Trips TE SlotĀ is an excellent formation to pair with Gun Ace and Gun Ace Twins!!! It gives us plays to use our Mobile QB’s as Well as several dots!

Buck Sweep/Buck Sweep Read Option

  1. Snap The Ball


Inverted Veer

  1. Identify defender to Read
  2. Snap the Ball

Panthers Y Sail

  1. Whip Route Slot TE
  2. Slant or Drag Outside Left WR
  3. Place HB on an Option Route *Optional


PA Veer Shot

  1. Place Outside Left WR on an In or Out
  2. Slant or Drag TE on Line

QB Power

  1. Snap The Ball

T Trap Read Option

  1. Identify man to read on the Defense
  2. Snap the Ball

Y Corner

  1. Slant Slot TE
  2. Motion Him One step inside and Snap

Y Corner 2

  1. Streak Slot TE
  2. Place Outside Right WR on a Smoke Screen
  3. Drag/Slant Outside Left WR


  1. StreakĀ TE on Line
  2. Slant/Curl Far Left WR