Madden 16 Carolina Pass Blocking

General Rules of Slide Protection/Picking Up Gap Heat

  1. If an opponent is running a blitz which they manually move a LB out to create gap heat, Block and HB opposite the BlitzĀ and Slide Protect the Direction of the LB that was moved out!!!
  2. If you are in a Play that relies more on the running backs route then the TE, BLOCK THE TE on the side of the blitz and slide protect opposite the blitz!!!
  3. Mix in PA plays, you don’t have to carry out the Play-Action, I actually urge you not to, just block the Running Back!


Undercenter Pass Blocking is different

  1. Most Players cannot generate gap pressure vs undercenter, it is usually from the outside, and you can usually see where they are sending it from, slide towards it!!!
  2. You can get Undercenter Pass Blocking from Shotgun, Just come out in an undercenter formation like SB Tight Slots, and Audible to a Shotgun Play.



  1. Sliding right holds true vs. the 3-4 under scrape. … But is it true that vs. the 4-3 under B-gappers, you need to slide left?

    • It depends on which version… there are 3 different b gaps from 43 under…


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