First off I just want to thank everyone for supporting this guide and Madden Universe as a whole. I also want to apologize on the delay for this guide, as it was supposed to come out September 1st! However, when I heard the patch was coming, I didn’t want to release it and just have everything get patched, well I am glad to say everything still works great! Slide protection works better now but that is about it!

Ok now to the guide itself! This defense is based on the Oakland Raiders defensive playbook, and most formations and plays can be found in any 43 based playbook, with the exception of Under Odd, which is completely unique to this book! I believe that the Under Odd A Gap nano in this guide is the best blitz I have seen this year and I stand by that!!! It is so unique b/c you can set it up 3 different ways to get the a gap pressure, meaning it is harder for the AI of the offensive line to adjust to it!!!