Gun Doubles Offset is a very unique formation because of the different runs outside of Inside Zone, it includes a very unique 01 Trap, a good read option and a nice power 0 to mix in. The Passing game is not the best in the world but it can be effective if you are facing an opponent having trouble defending the run from this formation. I sometimes start the game in this formation to test my opponents run defense, and move on from there!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball

*This is one of the better inside zone runs in the game vs Dime/Dollar type sets

Vikes 01 Trap

  1. Snap the Ball

*This run is very unique as the hand off is just as fast as inside zone, but you get the pulling guard. This should not be run too much or opponent will catch on and start shooting that gap.

Read Option

  1. If you have a fast QB this is very good against Base Sets (ex. 43/34) when they base align!

Outside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Vs the 43 Under Blitz Run the Play TOWARDS the Blitz and Motion slot across and snap in front of Blitzer

Look to get outside, but double juke inside if necessary


Power 0

  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Just Follow Blockers

PA Bubble Y Pop

  1. Cancel PA Immediately (RT once QB touches Ball)
  2. Either Hit the Bubble if no flat on that side or TE Seam, the Hitch on the Right is good if you guessed wrong and the defense is in man coverage

PA Read

  1. Fade Outside Left WR

Strike HB Seam

  1. Motion HB Left
  2. Block TE If needed!
  3. You Can Change Outside Right WR if you Like

Fake Screen Wheel (Zone Beater)

  1. Wheel HB (Cover 3/4) Streak HB (Cover 2)
  2. Drag Far Right WR
  3. Motion HB Left
  4. Snap When he Sets
  5. Slide Protect Left!!!