Gun Split Viking is a really good formation to run against alot of the 43 type stuff that is going around so much right now, Especially 43 stack. The Inside Zone Split from this formation can’t be defended the same way as traditional inside zone, and read option from this formation is pretty good to mix in if you have a mobile QB. PA Slide is one of the toughest plays to defend with a base formation 43 stack or under (2 most popular sets right now) I advise you to watch all of the videos as some show some motion techniques that are very unique and hard to Defend against)

Inside Zone Split

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Take Left, Right, Or Middle

Read Option

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Read Defender

Shovel Option

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Make Correct Read


689 Hook (Bomb Any Zone)

  1. Streak HB OR TE
  2. Motion Streaked Player To the Right
  3. Snap the Ball when He Fully Sets

689 Hook (Quick Snap Cover 2)

  1. Snap The Ball

*Throw Deep Post With Bullet Pass Inside or HB out of Back Field quickly

Corner Strike (Zone)

  1. Streak Slot
  2. Block HB if Needed


Corner Strike (Man)

  1. Motion TE Left (Optional)
  2. Slant Slot

*If you don’t motion TE, then Motion HB a Half Step in to Beat Press Man

Double Ins (Man Beater)

  1. Place HB on Hook (Playmaker him Right vs Man after snap as Shown)
  2. Motion Slot across formation and Snap Right before he sets

PA Y Slide (Beats Man and Zone)

  1. Streak Outside Left WR
  2. Motion TE Right OR Left
  3. Snap AFTER he Sets
  4. If Opponent Has good PA Blitz Block HB