How to run this scheme effectively and WIN more games!!!

Now, I know many of you may be like “Im not reading all this” but it’s important. BTW there is a video summary below the text, so if your just completely against reading this you can just watch the video summary and get the cliff notes. Also, I know you may be overwhelmed looking at the amount of content and the fact that there are 96 different video set-ups in this guide, but no worries, its not like you are going to run every play every game nor do you need to learn them all in a day!!! This gives you options of attack, so just take it slow and learn 2 to 3 formations at a time!!!

The first formations in this guide you need to learn are as follows:

  1. Empty Bunch
  2. Split Viking
  3. Ace Twins
  4. The two Trips Offsets
  5. And at Least one of the Undercenter Sets (I recommend Ace Pair)
  6. I-Form Twin TE

How to approach a game!

First let’s get into things you need to consider first, ask yourself going in:

  1. Do you play this person often and know what he does?
  2. If your playing MUT or DC, Pause the game after kickoff and look at their defense (where is it weak)
  3. If playing reg teams, what are they good at?

Knowing these three things going into a game is critical, it helps you to decide how to start the game.

The First Drive

Now if you have played this person before you are OBVIOUSLY going to know what to look out for and what you think will work, so let’s move forward with the assumption that you have no idea of the opponent. Your first drive is a feeling out process, you need to find out these things in this order!

  1. Can they stop the run? Come out in a formation with a good inside zone or an undercenter set like i form twin te. Try both, maybe they can stop gun runs but have zero idea what to do with the combination of Power G, Toss, FB Dive and Fake FB Dive Toss, with some PA Mixed in. Obviously if you get to third and more than 5 you are probably going to need to throw it, and keep in mind just b/c someone stops the run once doesn’t mean they can stop it everytime. This is chess not checkers yall!!!
  2. What is there base formation on defense, is it just a bunch of quarters 2 man or is it a mix of formations, or is it a popular blitz you see so much of like the nickle strong and the scrape type stuff.
  3. Begin to plan your attack, Should you go fast, should you go slow, should you mix in hurry sometimes but not always?
  4. How is their user, what do they like to do, are they up on the line and looking to shoot gaps and/or take that quick drag away? You need to know these things, every opponent is different.

Moving Forward in the Game

You need to attack all areas of the field, keep an eye on your opponents favorite coverages, know how to attack them. Hit them deep then short or short then deep. Utilize your Running back in the passing game, incorporate blocking a TE when needed to pick up a blitz. Frustrate the hell out of them..

Very Improtant: Formation Recognition

  1. U need to know the threats of the formation you are facing and what you are most comfortable attacking that formation with
  2. If you catch them in a formation you like, Start running hurry up, you don’t have to quick snap necessarily, just keep them in that formation and pick them apart!
  3. Pay attention to the corners as soon as the huddle breaks, were they backed off at first and then moved up? If so it definitely wasn’t 2 man under that they came out in.
  4. Do they Base Align
  5. Do they try to turbo rush from that formation?

If you know these things only YOU can stop your success!!!!

The second Half of The Game:

First before we approach this it depends on what type of game you are in. Did you get the ball at half? Are you up by more than one score? Has it been back and forth? ‘

If you have a lead and got the ball at half you have two options to start the third quarter, you can continue to attack if your scoring at will, or you can slow it down and take time off the clock. That doesn’t mean turn on chew clock, b/c that doesn’t give you much time at all to make any adjustment needed.

If you have been back and forth all game, continue to attack, with the objective being having the last possession. However, if you are down by more than one score, say you made a bad read and threw an interception early, and your opponent got ball at halftime. Now you find yourself down by 14. It’s time to get aggressive, that doesn’t mean abandon the run, but it does mean you need to take your shots downfield more often, if possible from formations that have a decent run from them to mix in. Get them worried about the run. This goes for defense too, High risk, high reward time!! Go for it!!

Putting a game away!

In my opinion if you get the ball with a lead in the fourth quarter get into I-Form Twin Te, mix power g, fb dive, toss, fake fb dive, and kill that clock!!!! The objective is to WIN, not to look pretty doing it, I’ve had so many money games where I should have lost but my opponents game management was just awful, i forced a turnover or a stop and pulled it out. You see it in tournaments all the time, just look at this years Madden Challenge, Skimbo had Problem DEAD, and instead of Skmbo taking his time and killing the game, Problem almost pulled the game out. Now that lead was a bit too big, but in situations where it is 2 scores or less, you need to take your time and get your opponent out of there. Even if you pass the ball, make sure you possession catch for first downs, in bounds if possible, to use as much clock as possible.