As we all know Gun Ace Twins and Ace Twins Offset has been a trend in Madden that we set very early in the year with our spread Offense eBook. We are going to revisit this formation with mostly new set-ups and one or two old ones as well for those who may not have gotten the spread book or just need a refresher on some of the plays that are repeated. This formation is great to pick up Blitzes b/c of it having the option of blocking one of your 2 Tight Ends at any time to go along with slide protection… It has a lethal passing game and a very good run game, Ace Twins is still a force in Madden 16 b/c there is no 1 way to defend it.

Inside Zone

  1. Snap Ball

*This can be taken up the middle, outside left, or even run to the right as a counter!!

Read Option

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Read the Defender

*If you keep with QB slide before you get hit!!!

HB Slip Screen (Vs Zone unlessĀ Its Man Cover 0 type Bliitz ex. edge sting)

  1. Slide Protect Right
  2. Snap The Ball
  3. If the User Jumps It take Sack

Posts (Man v1)

  1. Place HB on an Option Route
  2. Whip Left TE
  3. Slant Outside Left WR
  4. Motion Slot One Step In

Posts (Man v2)

  1. Streak Left TE
  2. Option HB
  3. Motion Slot One Step in And Snap

Posts (Zone)

  1. Fade Outside WR
  2. Drag Right TE
  3. Block HB if Necessary

Posts (Zone v2)

  1. Wheel HB
  2. Motion Out and Snap Right as He Sets

X Spot (Man)

  1. Slant Outside Left WR
  2. Whip or Drag Left TE
  3. Wheel HB (Optional) *More of a Decoy than anything
  4. Smart Route Post TE if you Have Time
  5. Motion Slot 1 Step Inside and Snap

X Spot (Zone)

  1. Fade Outside Left WR
  2. Smart Route Slot
  3. Place HB on hook Or Wheel

*If on hook, Playmaker the HB When Just Before he turns On Curl Route

*If on Wheel Motion Him Out to the Right and Snap Before he Sets (Best vs Press Zone)


  1. Streak/Fade Outside Left WR
  2. Block HB or Wheel Route Him
  3. If on Wheel Motion Him Right and Snap As he Sets