I-Form Pro is a good formation to run here and there, not the best but it is good enough to change up on an opponent to give him something to think about. Inside zone from I-Form sets is hard to stop and the PA Draw Shot mixed with Lead Draw is very nice.

Inside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball

*Read your blockers and decide whether to take your 4-7 yards up the middle or try to bust it outside


  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Go str8 up the middle
  3. Don’t try To Cut this Outside

HB Toss

  1. If opponent isn’t Base aligned motion Right WR across
  2. If they are Base Aligned Motion Him 2 steps in
  3. Snap the ball

PA Scissors

  1. Drag/Slant Left WR
  2. Block HB if they have Been Blitzing the Run

HB Lead Draw

  1. Snap the Ball

PA Draw Shot

  1. Wheel the FB