Gun Trey Y Flex is a formation that I will audible to from whichever 3×1 set I am running, especially empty bunch… It has a really good inside zone and read option. As Well as a great verticals and Pa Crossing Play that destroys man Coverage. It also has some distracting motions from the running back that can also be used to KILL a blitz quickly

Inside Zone

  1. Snap Ball

01 Trap

  1. Snap Ball and Follow Lead Blocker
  2. Dont Press Turbo until you Pass LB level to break free


Vikes Read Option

  1. Press RT to identify Read
  2. Snap Ball and Make correct Read

QB Slot Option

  1. Press RT to identify the 2 Reads
  2. Snap Ball and Make correct Reads

*Works great from the Dime Blitz 2 that is so Popular

PA Vikes Pop

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Cancel PA
  3. If Bubble Covered look to Seam then Hitch

*Try not to run this vs man, if you guess wrong and it is, look straight to hitch from TE

Mtn Fade Smash

  1. Hitch TE and Smart Route
  2. Wheel HB and Motion Out to Right
  3. Snap Right as He Sets

*If zone Blitz either Block HB or leave on auto-motion if you believe it is coming from that side

Mtn Verticals v1

  1. Wheel HB
  2. Motion Him Right
  3. Snap right as he sets

PA Cross Shot

  1. Fade HB and Motion Right
  2. Snap as he Sets

*The Quick out from TE will DESTROY MAN