I Like SB Ace Pair ALOT against ppl who like to spam Man coverage without alot of heat for the passing game. PA Boot LT is one of the best rollouts in the game, just be sure to run it to the strong side of your QB.

Inside Zone Split

  1. Snap the Bal

*You can take this outside, inside or cut it back following the pulling TE

HB Dive

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Toss Crack

  1. Snap the Ball and get outside

WR Drive

  1. Fade Outside Left WR
  2. Block HB *optional
  3. Streak Outside Right WR *Optional
  4. TE can be put on a flat to make a corner streak combo

*Steps 2-4 are all optional

PA Middle

  1. Drag/Slant Inside TE *Optional
  2. Block HB if they have a good PA Blitz

PA Boot Lt

  1. Fade Far Left WR
  2. Snap Ball
  3. Rollout with QB but DONT hold RT as you Roll unless being chased

TE Attack

  1. Snap Ball

This play bombs cover 2 by default, and both TE’s beat man. If cover 3 you can streak inside TE and Make Deep Middle safety choose who to take. Vs Cover 4 you can drag outside right WR