SB Bunch Ace is a great formation from undercenter. It gives you a good running and passing game with a nice pa rollout to mix in and throw off opponents, two different insides zones, trail play, and a NICE deep fork to flood with along with Z spot

Inside Zone

  1. Snap ball
  2. Read the Hole

Inside Zone Split

  1. Snap ball
  2. Read the Hole (Middle, Left, Right)

Quick Pitch

  1. Snap Ball
  2. If they Base Align AND Press motion Inside Bunch TE Outside and Snap
  3. I will sometimes sub in the FB at that inside TE Spot for better blocking

Divide (Beats man and Zone)

  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Block HB if necessary

Z Spot

  1. Fade Outside Bunch WR
  2. Smart Route the Corner Route

PA Boot Slide

  1. Slant Outside Bunch WR

PA Fork Shot

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Streak or Slant Far Left WR is an option as well

FL Drive

  1. Streak Middle Bunch TE
  2. Block HB