Gun Trips TE Offset is a great formation and always has been. It is the easiest formation to Bomb Zone and Man from. It has a Great Run game and pass game… Make sure you continue to mix this into your scheme!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap The Ball

Read Option

  1. Snap Ball
  2. Make the Correct Read



  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Or you can Wheel HB and Motion Him Out

PA Shot Crosses

  1. Wheel HB
  2. Motion him Out Right *optional

PA Shot Crosses v2

  1. Fade Far Left WR
  2. Streak Inside Receiver
  3. Block HB (Optional)

PA WR Screen

  1. Run Vs Zone Blitz
  2. Hold RT Immediately to Stop PA

Fade Smash

  1. Drag TE
  2. Place HB on Block and Release Route