This is not the best version of this formation, but it is still decent as a switch up formation!!!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball

Y Corner (Zone)

  1. Whip Slot WR
  2. Fade Far Right WR
  3. Put HB on Curl (Playmaker after his Route)


Y Corner (Man)

  1. Slant Slot
  2. HB on Curl (Optional)
  3. Motion Slot In a Step and Snap

FL Dig

  1. Smart Route Slot (KILLS MAN)
  2. Drag Far Right WR
  3. Motion Far Right WR in and Snap when He Reaches Slot

PA Shot (Cover 2/3 Bomb)/Verts (Run verts as is)

  1. Streak TE
  2. Fade Far Left WR
  3. Block HB