Y-Trips offset is another very unique formation. In most versions of this formation the HB is on the Wk side while here he is lined up on the right! Inside Zone and HB Dive compliment each other perfectly, and you have passing plays to beat both man and zone coverage!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball


HB Dive

  1. Snap the Ball
  2. Turn into a counter if necessary

Y Corner (vs Zone)

  1. Whip Slot WR
  2. Fade Far Right WR
  3. Drag/Slant/In Far Left WR or Leave on his Option
  4. *Optional Smart Route TE

Y Corner (vs Man)

  1. Slant Slot WR
  2. Drag Far Right WR
  3. Option HB or Leave Blocking
  4. Motion Slot a Step Inside and Snap

4 Verticals

  1. Vs Zone Just Snap
  2. Vs Man Slant Far Right WR and Motion Snap him
  3. Option HB (Optional)

HB Slip Screen

  1. Slide Protect Right
  2. Motion Drag Across
  3. Snap the Ball