Ace close used to be one of the top 3 undercenter formations in every game until this year. However, it is still useful when used at the right times, so i found it to be worth covering for you guys.

Tight Slots Wham

  1. Snap Ball

The crackback block from the TE on this play is amazing!!!!

Tight Slots TE Angle

  1. Re-Streak Left TE
  2. Wheel Route HB if on Left hash
  3. If closer to right Hash Block Him

Tight Slots Bench

  1. Drag and Streak the TE’s
  2. You can Switch Up which one is on Which
  3. Option Route the HB

HB Toss

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Blunt Dive

  1. Snap the Ball

This is a set-up for the PA post play

PA Post Dig Shot

  1. Drag Left TE
  2. Snap Ball
  3. Cancel PA