Gun Flip Trips Eagle is one of the best man beating formations b/c of how easy it is to create slant outs and swapped hot routes in general. Also this formation will glitch out quarters 2 man under when you flip the hot routes resulting in easy TD’s!!!

To Swap hot routes, just reset your play or audible to any play in the formation twice!!!


Inside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball

Wide Trap

  1. Snap the Ball

Eagles Verticals

  1. Whip inside WR
  2. Slant Outside Right WR

Eagles Verticals 2

  1. Drag Outside Right

Eagles Verticals (Cover 3 Bomb)

  1. Block HB
  2. Streak Inside WR
  3. Streak Outside Right WR

Strong Flood

  1. Whip Route Inside WR

HB Angle

  1. Reset Play
  2. Slant Out TE
  3. Slant HB

HB Angle 2

  1. Reset Play
  2. Slant Out TE
  3. Slant HB and Outside Right WR
  4. Motion Outside Right WR and Snap before He Sets

Slot Trail

  1. Snap Ball

Slot Trail 2

  1. Reset Play
  2. Slant Out Inside Right WR
  3. Place Outside Left on an In Route and Smart Route