Inside Zone

  1. Snap The Ball

Read Option/Counter

  1. Snap the Ball

Eagles Levels Sail

  1. Drag Outside Left WR *Optional


  1. Drag TE
  2. Block HB

Verticals Vs 2 Man

  1. Max Protect
  2. Drag TE
  3. DragĀ Outside Left WR
  4. Slant Inside Left WR
  5. Motion Him Right and Snap When He Passes TE


  1. Streak outside WR
  2. Place Inside WR on a Flat

Mesh Setup 2

  1. Slant Outside WR
  2. Motion Him Inside and Snap when Behind Slot

PA Post Shot

  1. Drag TE
  2. Slant outside WR
  3. Motion Him Inside and Snap after he Passes TE