SB Wing Trips Open

HB Stretch

  1. Motion TE Right *Optional
  2. Playmaker Left *If Defensive Alignment Dictates

Inside Zone Split

  1. Snap the ball

4 Verticals *One Play TD vs Cover 3

  1. Drag Outside Right WR

PA Slide

  1. Drag TE
  2. Fade Outside Right WR
  3. Place Outside Left WR on an In

SB Ace

HB Slam

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Off Tackle

  1. Snap the Ball

PA All Go

  1. Snap the Ball

Double Hitch

  1. Fade Outside Right WR
  2. Drag Left TE

Double Hitch Setup 2

  1. Drag left TE
  2. Slant Outside Right WR
  3. Motion Him a Few Steps Left and Snap