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*All plays in this guide can be found in the New Orleans Defensive Playbook!

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Just about all of this guide is still working great post patch on 2/23/16. Scrape plays in predator video were really the only things affected by the patch. The only difference is that with the a gaps, blocked hb’s do a better job stepping up, as they should.

*Links that say post 2/23 patch that can’t be clicked will be available shortly… 

Guide Intro

Madden 16 Defensive Philosophy

Depth Chart Suggestions/Top 3 Teams to Use

Draft Champions Strategy 

Defensive Quick Adjustments

Undercenter Run D (FB Dive/Toss Lockdown!!!)

Locking Down Inside Zone

Post Patch Update 1 (What works and What Changed)

Update #1: Blitzing Play-Action Passing Schemes

34 Predator

34 Over Flipped

34 Over Flipped Update Post 2/23 Update

34 Odd

34 Bear Update #1 Post 2/23 Update

Nickle 335 Will

Nickle 245 Double A Gap

Dollar 326 Post 2/23 Update

Dime 146

Quarters 137



  1. The Dime 146 is awesome! Even if they pinch or slide their line I can get someone in.

    • Yeah it’s pretty good, especially vs spread sets, and then when you add in how great 2 man under is and how easily adjustable the formation is… Adds up to a rough day at the office for your opponent

  2. Is there a trick to getting connected for H2H games. I’ve been trying to get matched up for several hours with no luck. As I just started playing around Christmas, I was wondering if its always been this hard all year?

    • Nah, no trick I know of, the only time i hopped in ranked is usually just trying to test something new when nobody i lab with is on… but i’ve heard of other ppl having that issue..

  3. So which blitzes are most consistent out of this guide?

    • if you are asking which are hardest to stop, all of 34 predator…. 34 over is really good as well.. just make sure you watch the vids tho, b/c there are little details that i couldn’t really put in a setup that would make sense… alot of stuff won’t work in practice mode though. so to work on them go into play now with 2 controllers, put the same playbook on both teams, 15 min quarters no play clock..

  4. Awesome defense. I’m just using the 34 predator as my base defense and I get pressure from either side. Keep it coming.

    • appreciate it… work on 34 over too though… it SCREAMS vs undercenter from either side…

  5. Im having some trouble getting the 3-4 over to come through vs undercenter, I think I’m following all the steps any tips? Everything else is working great

    • Vs undercenter cover 2 is the best coverage to run from 34 over, and i like to stand Over the right of screen DE holding LT.. But im updating this guide this weekend…

  6. Alright cool looking forward to it

  7. will you be able to post the update with the long weekend coming up?

  8. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the rest of it…

    • Theres alot of ground to cover… But each guide will be updated all through by the end of the week.. This one will be easiest to finish up though…

  9. when will the 46 defense be updated?

    • There is already one on there more are coming it’s harder to update a guide after a patch then it is to make a new one with all new concepts that’s why most sites don’t do it they just release a new one

    • BTW im building it like i would a brand new guide, i have most formations done already, just building out the pages and writing the setups out for them..


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