Hello Madden Universe!!

The Madden 16 Money Game Offense E-Guide covers the New England Patriots offensive playbook and will provide you with everything you need to dominate the offensive side of the ball! So far this year we have seen defenses that send pressure from everywhere, to the point that EA ended up dropping the biggest patch in the history of Madden!! A few weeks ago we dropped our latest defense that tore EA’s patch apart, and others are beginning to catch up! Offensive strategy is now changing as well, and we are ahead of the curve!!!

This guide breaks down over 40 plays from 12 different formations, both written and HD Video setups! Relli explains not only how to attack your opponent at a blazing fast pace, but also how to slow it down and be methodical.


What does this guide include:

  • Destroy Man with Unbumpable Routes
  • Flood every type of Zone coverage, vertically and horizontally!
  • Undercenter and Gun Schemes 
  • Crazy Auto-Motion Tactics to Keep Your Opponent Off Balance
  • Destroy the Blitz with Quick Hitting Pass Plays
  • Learn To Block the Most Popular Nanos in the Game
  • All Broken Down In Full HD Video With LIVE COMMENTARY
  • Updates Throughout the year, Yes we actually update our guides!

What formations does this guide cover?

  • Gun Ace 
  • Gun Ace Twins Flex
  • Gun Empty Ace Pats
  • Gun Tight Doubles On
  • Gun Normal Flex Wk Pats
  • Gun Doubles Wing
  • Gun Trips TE
  • Gun Pats Wing Trips
  • Gun Trips Y Iso
  • SB Tight Slots
  • Gun Split Close Pats
  • I Form Twins
  • I Form Pro
  • Strong Pro

From now on, we will randomly select a couple users to preview guides 2-3 days prior to release to give feedback, check out what the first 2 members had to say about this guide!!!

This is the best offense I’ve seen all year. I have only labbed 4 formations, and I literally could run any of the three all game long!!! The 2 TE scheme is super tough, with the ability to go empty, gun with one back, or undercenter! Then you add the fact that you have a 212 Scheme and a 3 WR scheme, this book is AMAZING!!!!


Check out a quick preview breakdown of one of the plays from the guide. This is something that I felt was ok to throw on youtube, so obviously it has nothing on the rest of the content covered in the actual guide!!!