In this Madden 19 Premium Tip, we take a look at a mini-scheme from the Gun Tight Formation From the Arizona Cardinals Playbook in Madden 19! This formation absolutely shreds zone coverage to pieces, and also can easily pick every meta defense apart while picking up any pressure sent, including 335 Odd! This formation can be absolutely Lethal!!!

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Play Set-Ups and Breakdowns

*Videos in-between each setup and image!

HB Draw

  1. Motion in One of the Outside Receivers as Shown
  2. Snap The Ball

This HB Draw DESTROYS the meta 335 Odd, 335 Normal, and Dollar defenses with the Line Spread as Shown in this video. This may be the best draw in the game from gun as the QB does not get the “jump” animation!

Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open HB Base

Zona Z Spot

  1. Fade Far Left WR
  2. Drag TE
  3. Max Protect
  4. Motion Far Right WR and Snap while Behind line as Shown

This play is absolutely dirty. There is no zone in this game that can stop this! Also alternate setups are shown in the video! The setup above is to ensure 335 Odd CrossFire can’t come in! This play puts the user in a really tough spot having to choose who to guard!

Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open WR Screen

Zona Post

  1. Fade Left Slot
  2. Put Outside Right WR on a Drag or an In
  3. Block HB *Optional
  4. Motion Block the Far Left WR as Shown

This Play is downright DIRTY against almost any zone coverage if you make the correct read!! It once again has the ability built-in to pick up any blitz in the game! Be sure to watch the whole video!

Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open Fk WR Screen


  1. Hey Relli, Can I use the Gun Tight Bench Swap out of the NE PB to attack that 335 the same way. Maybe in the next Private Lab you could show it. Thanks Mastermind!

    • We can take a look at that in the stream no problem.


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