MADDEN 16 46 Defense eBook

*Fully Updated for 2/23 Patch!!!!!

Hello Madden Universe!!

The Madden 16 46 Defense eBook from Madden Universe is FINALLY HERE!!! I know I have been promising this guide for a couple months now, and I told you guys on Twitter that it was done a while ago, but I had to think about the MUT community when determining the order the guides were released. With that being said, be prepared to be completely blown away by this eBook!!!

This guide breaks down over 50 set-ups and adjustments, contains both written and HD Video setups! Relli explains not only how to attack your opponent with blazing fast nano pressures, but also how to play very confusing coverage defenses out of the same looks!!!!


What does this guide include:

  • Nasty DT A Gaps right up the Middle of the Offensive Line!
  • DT A Gaps that come even if a Running Back is Blocked!!!
  • DE B Gap Nanos
  • Nano Pressure that requires NO MANUAL MOVEMENT!!!
  • A Base Defense that Not Only Sends A Gap and Outside Heat, But locks down the Run at the Same Time!
  • Shut Down Run Defense!!!!
  • The easiest formation to adjust from in the entire game!!!
  • All Broken Down In Full HD Video With LIVE COMMENTARY
  • Updates Throughout the year, Yes we actually update our guides!

What formations does this guide cover?

  • 46 Normal
  • 46 Bear Under
  • 44 Split
  • 335 Bear
  • Nickle 335 Sam
  • Dime Flat
  • 34 Bear

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Want a preview of what you will be getting? Check out the Video Below!!!!!

But wait!!! What did the users who previewed the eBook have to say???

This guide is on another level!!! I have purchased every guide Madden Universe has put out this year!! This is on par, or maybe even better than the Attacking 34 Defensive guide!!! I will always support this site because the quality of the guides are top notch, but I will admit I do buy from other sites as well.. NO OTHER SITE HAS RELEASED A 46 DEFENSE ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THIS!!! I literally have been completely locking people down with only ONE formation!!!


Relli, this is exactly what I needed!!! I have always been a fan of the 46 playbook, and this guide brings back memories of the 46 craziness you released a few years back. This has to be ebook of the year!!!! The blitzes and coverages in this game are 2nd to none!!! There is a blitz in this guide that is harder to deal with then the SS Scrape that is so popular (the one that sends ppl from both sides)


BUY NOW ONLY $27.99  $19.99

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