Hello Madden Universe!!

The Madden 16 Defensive Destruction E-Guide will provide you with everything you need to dominate the defensive side of the ball in Madden 16 after the Patch! As we all know EA put out the biggest patch in Madden history, completely shutting down most of the blitzes that dominated Madden 16 early in the year. Well, in just a few days we were able to completely destroy that patch with New Nano pressure that is EVEN BETTER than pre-patch! Not only does this guide include INSANE pressure, it also covers locking down the run, pass coverage, and counters to Play Action and Advanced Protection schemes!!

This guide breaks down over 40 plays, both written and HD Video setups! Relli explains not only how to attack your opponent with amazing Nano Pressure, but also how to keep them off-balance with amazing coverage and run defenses!!