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The Madden 16 Money Game Offensive eBook covers the Minnesota Vikings offensive playbook, and will provide you with everything you need to dominate the offensive side of the ball! THIS IS LITERALLY THE BIGGEST GUIDE WE’VE EVER RELEASED AT LAUNCH!!! Not only do you have a strong running game, which is very unique, you also have powerful Passing Formations. This playbook is very versatile and will definitely cause MAJOR PROBLEMS for your opponent!!!

This guide HAS OVER 90 BREAKDOWNS from 17 DIFFERENT FORMATIONS, both written and HD Video setups! Relli explains not only how to attack your opponent at a blazing fast pace, but also how to slow it down and be methodical.

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What does this guide include:

  • OVER 90 SET-UPS 
  • Exploit All Coverages With One-Play Bombs from Multiple Formations
  • Destroy Man with Unbumpable Routes
  • Undercenter and Shotgun Passing/Running Game
  • Amazing Gun Run Schemes 
  • Crazy Motion Tactics to throw Your Opponent Off Resulting in HUGE PLAYS!!!
  • Destroy the Blitz with Quick Hitting Pass Plays
  • Learn To Block the Most Popular Nanos in the Game
  • All Broken Down In Full HD Video With LIVE COMMENTARY
  • Updates Throughout the year, Yes we actually update our guides!

What formations does this guide cover?

  • Gun Empty Bunch
  • Gun Split Viking
  • Gun Ace Twins Offset
  • Gun Doubles Offset Wk
  • Gun Y-Trips Offset
  • Gun Y-Trips Offset Wk
  • Gun Trips TE Offset
  • Gun Trey Y-Flex Wk
  • Gun Trey Open
  • Strong Close
  • I-Form Pro
  • I-Form Tight Pair
  • SB Ace Close
  • SB Ace Pair
  • SB Bunch Ace
  • SB Tight Doubles On

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Dude this guide is insane, I can live in the trips alone. How did this playbook slip by all year!?


I purchased the 46, and 3-4 guides from the website and I have to say the time and effort put into putting out quality content is top notch. I just received the new offense guide and I can already tell that it will take my offense to a higher level. Keep up the great work!


Best and biggest ebook I have ever seen. Great job, I’m scoring left and right wth the run game too!!


ONLY $24.99 $19.99

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