Madden 16 Ranked Gameplay: A Point to Prove to Youtube Trolls!!!!

In this Madden 16 Ranked Gameplay, Relli uses the 9ers in a ranked game to prove a point to his trolls on youtube!!!! Now, I have to be honest, normally I ignore the noise, but this time I really got annoyed with comments like “How do I KNOW it works in a ranked game” and “You showed it with a high ranked team, use a team that isn’t elite!!!” So, I decided instead of arguing or ignoring them, why not just grant there wish for once, jump in a ranked game with the 49ers (71 OVR, 74 DEF) and prove that the Attacking 34 Defensive Guide is legit regardless of who you use!!! Also check us out on Twitter and Youtube!

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Expect to see alot more posts including, Madden 16 Ranked Gameplay, Draft Champions, Free Tips, and more in the near future! Enjoy the video Madden Universe!

I think I got this one guys!! LoL. If you would like to see more Ranked Gameplays leave a comment below to let me know, or just comment with your thoughts!! Also if you can hit that Twitter or Facebook share button at the bottom of the page as it would mean alot to me!!!