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The Madden 16 Spread Offense E-Guide covers the Philadelphia Eagles offensive playbook and will provide you with everything you need to dominate the offensive side of the ball! As we all know in years past the spread offense was defended pretty well with man coverage, well, not anymore! We show you how to shatter man and zone defense, take advantage of speed on your roster, and how to stretch the field both horizontally and vertically, making it impossible for a user defender to cover everything!!!

This guide breaks down over 40 plays from 10 different formations, both written and HD Video setups! There is over 2 hours of video breakdown AT LAUNCH!!!!


What does this guide include:

  • Quick Swapping of Hot Routes to Create Slant Outs!!
  • Exploit Cover 3 With One-Play Bombs from Multiple Formations
  • Destroy Man with Unbumpable Routes
  • Unparalleled Screen Game
  • Amazing Gun Run Schemes¬†
  • Crazy Auto-Motion Tactics to Keep Your Opponent Off Balance
  • Destroy the Blitz with Quick Hitting Pass Plays
  • Learn To Block the Most Popular Nanos in the Game
  • All Broken Down In Full HD Video With LIVE COMMENTARY
  • Updates Throughout the year, Yes we actually update our guides!

What formations does this guide cover?

  • Gun Ace Offset
  • Gun Ace Twins Offset
  • Gun Bunch Open Offset
  • Gun Flip Trips Eagle
  • Gun Double Stack
  • Gun Trey Open Offset
  • Gun Y-Trips Offset Wk
  • Gun Split Offset
  • SB Ace
  • SB Wing Trips

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From now on, we will randomly select a couple users to preview guides 2-3 days prior to release to give feedback, check out what the first 2 members had to say about this guide!!!

I buy alot of guides and ebooks, from several sites, but I have to say I was BLOWN AWAY by this guide! Relli really took it to another level with this one. I was so happy that he chose me as one of the people to preview this guide, and after 3 days with it, this is clearly the best offense I have used this year, and I have bought more than a few lol. I would recommend this to my friends any day of the week! The best thing about it is even though it is a spread scheme, which does have some option runs in it, you do not have to use a team with a mobile QB for this offense to be successful! Great Job as always Relli, I love Madden Universe and will continue to support the site going forward!


First of all, Relli thank you for giving me the opportunity to preview this guide, I know you said it was random, but I still appreciate it. This guide has everything, it is so detailed and such a large quantity of information to take in, that I only have mastered about 4 formations in it, and really that’s all I need, lol. The plays to exploit cover 3 deep downfield alone make this guide a must buy, but when you add in Relli’s other stuff, like how to take advantage of auto-motion, stop nano blitzes and how to destroy man coverage, this is definitely a top guide this year!


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BUY NOW ONLY $24.99 $19.99

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