M17 Jax Run D/Red Zone D/Sneak D

One of the hardest things to stop every year in Madden is the QB Sneak at the goaline or in short yardage situations. Not only does this section show how to stop that, but how to play run defense in general from this defense and red zone defense (for madden that is inside the 10 rather than the 20).


43 Over Sneak Defense

Cover 3 Sky (You want your Best Block shedding DT at the DT spot on the Left!)

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Pinch Line and Crash Down
  3. Shade Down
  4. User FS Directly Over the Center

43 Over General Run Defense

Any Play (Cover 3 Sky is the Best)

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Crash Line Down
  3. User LOLB (Right of Screen)

43 Over Red Zone D (2-7 Yd Line)

Cover 3 Sky

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Crash Line Out
  3. Shade Coverage Underneath
  4. Hot Route Corners to Purple Zones
  5. Spy a D-Lineman *Optional

46 Normal Red Zone Defense (2-10 Yard Line)

Cover 3 or Cover 2 Invert Flipped

  1. Base Align (Press inside the 5)
  2. Spread LB’s
  3. Crash Line Down or Up (Down if worried about runs up the middle)
  4. Shade Underneath
  5. Hot Route Corners to Purple Zones

46 Normal General Run Defense

Any Play Set-Up where LB’s are Not Pinched from the 46 Section organically does very well vs most run plays!!!


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  1. Hi…. Though not as strong as last year, FB dive remains an enormous pain in the ass…. Especially if they LT+Dive with an athletic TE on the goal-line. … The 4-3 Cover 3 setup doesn’t work for it, when I practiced… Any secrets?


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