M17 ATL I Formations

I Form Close:

HB Stretch:

  1. Snap the ball

Zone Weak:

  1. Snap the ball

HB Sweep:

  1. Snap the ball

SE Drag

Setup 1:

  1. Snap the ball

Setup 2:

  1. Streak the TE

Setup 3:

  1. Wheel HB
  2. Motion HB to Either Side of the Field


  1. Motion Right WR Out a Few Steps
  2. Snap the Ball while in Motion

Setup 2:

  1. Streak TE
  2. Motion TE Right and Snap Once Set

PA Boot

  1. Drag/Slant TE
  2. Snap the Ball

PA Waggle

  1. Delay Route FB (Optional)




I Form Tight Pair

FB Dive

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Lead Dive

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Toss (Great vs 44 Split)

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Power 0

  1. Playmaker to Side Defense is weak
  2. Snap the Ball

PA Boot Flow (Money Play Inside 5)

  1. Drag/Slant Inside TE
  2. Smart Route Outside TE
  3. Snap Ball
  4. Cancel PA and High Pass Lead Outside TE on Post




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