M17 ATL Gun Normal

Inside Zone

  1. Snap The Ball

45 Quick Base

  1. Snap The Ball

HB Draw

  1. Snap The Ball

PA Read Boot

  1. Drag TE
  2. Place HB on an Out
  3. Fade Outside Right WR or Leave on Comeback

Four Verticals

Setup 1:

  1. Streak TE
  2. Place Slot on an In Route
  3. Place Far Left WR on Smart Routed Out
  4. Motion Slot Across Formation
  5. Snap when he Fully Sets

Setup 2:

  1. Snap The Ball

Deep Outs

  1. Place TE and Slot On any Combination of Slants/Drags/Streaks
  2. Streak HB or Leave Blocking

HB Slip Screen

  1. Snap the Ball




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