M17 ATL Normal Y-Flex Tight

Normal Y Flex Tight is another formation that is extremely hard to defend with the basic Cover 2 Cross man type stuff that we are seeing so much as of late!!! We can Run the Ball effectively pass effectively and hit the defense deep with ease from this formation!!!

HB Quick Base

Setup 1:

  1. Motion TE across
  2. Snap When he Reaches LT as Shown

Setup 2:

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Draw

  1. Snap the Ball
  2. *Use any of the Motions shown From any Other Play in the Formation!!!

PA Deep Outs

  1. Drag Far Left WR
  2. Streak TE
  3. Motion TE Across Formation
  4. Wait until he completely sets
  5. Snap the Ball

Four Verticals

  1. Far Left WR on Smart Routed Out Route
  2. Place Slot on An In Route
  3. Motion Slot Across the Formation
  4. Wait until he is completely Set to Snap the Ball

Corner Strike (Run with TE on Wide Side of Field)

  1. Drag Slot
  2. Place Far Left WR on Smart Out or Slant Him
  3. HB on an In Route or Block Him


  1. Whip Route Slot WR
  2. Out Route HB *Optional
  3. Motion TE Across Formation
  4. Snap When He Sets



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