M17 ATL Split Close

Gun Split Close is once again a powerful formation in Madden NFL 17 due to new concepts and motions that can be utilized to destroy all types of cover 2 defenses and cross man.. As well as easily shredding cover 3/4 and ANY Man Defense, even the 335 Wide Mike Blitz 0 coverage Defense can get hit for a one play td!!!!

Power 0

  1. Snap The Ball
  2. *You can use Motion to Disguise

HB Slip Screen

  1. Snap the Ball
  2. *You can use Motions to Disguise as Well

WR CornerĀ 

Setup 1:

  1. Out HB
  2. Place TE (FB) on Option Route
  3. Slant Outside Right WR
  4. Motion Outside Right WR across
  5. Snap As Soon as He Passes WR on the Left

Setup 2:

  1. In or Out the HB
  2. Motion the Outside Right WR Across
  3. Snap as Soon as he Passes WR on the Left

PA F Slide

Setup 1:

  1. Streak Left WR
  2. Slant Outside Right WR
  3. Motion Him across Formation
  4. Snap as He Passes WR on the Left

Setup 2:

  1. Streak Outside Left WR
  2. Motion TE (FB) to the Left
  3. Snap the Ball once he Sets

Z Spot *Kills the Cover 0 Max Coverages

  1. Smart Route Left WR
  2. In Route the HB
  3. Slant the Outside Right WR
  4. Motion him Toward Sideline and Snap After a Few Steps



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